There are no guides or step-by-step manuals to design. This excites us, as it means that creativity can flourish and your brand can shine in its own unique way. We look at each client and project individually, and use every approach to better understand you, your audience, and your goals.


The initial phase of our process involves the gathering of information through questions and research to gain an understanding of where you came from, and where you want to go. Whether it is through phone calls, email, or a meeting at the local coffee shop, this is an important step to help us to understand how to best serve you.


Next comes the conceptual phase in which we begin to delve into design concepts based off of what we have gotten to know about you and your brand. We consider this just the beginning of the design phase, and depending on the type of project or piece, the length of this stage may vary.


We are almost there! This phase is the moving forward with a specific concept – one that has been tweaked and finessed, creating a finished product that will help you reach your goals.


No matter how much research and work went in to a project, and how great the execution, design is constantly changing. While a brand should be consistent and move in a steady direction, we are always evaluating, critiquing, and figuring out how to make your designs better.

“The only important thing about design is how it relates to people.” – Victor Papenek